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Nokia N97 is an extremely powerful multimedia smartphone. It’s 32GB of internal memory, 32GB that was additional can be added making the memory available in Nokia N97 64GB. What would you do when you this much free space? You cram it with various stuff – music, movies, videos, photos of dear and near ones, two dozen or more notes, lots of apps that are important and unimportant, important data like passwords or address and publication games, birthdays etc. What do you want to do if all of this info, music group, videos etc. were wiped out and your applications and games were corrupted? Can not even dare to envision such a scenario eh? Virus render your cellphone useless do such things and occasionally even. Virus risks on mobile phones are increasing.

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In the past two years, Trend Micro and F-Secure have released several reports – the most remarkable ones being at the CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industries Association) annual assembly – that talked of a trend where virus have been on the rise to bell cellphones. The bulk of these viruses were found to be on two platform Windows Mobile and Symbian. Evidently, antivirus companies from Symantic to Kaspersky were quick to establish antivirus kits that are mobile that are several. As users of one of the two platforms, I eagerly anticipate to see an option from one of the huge three Windows desktop freeware antivirus businesses, viz. AVG, Avast, Avira. A possible choice is chinese the mobile antivirus program of firm NetQin. The installation doesn’t take up much disk space, and is pretty simple and uncomplicated.

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Upon installation, it’ll prompt for an upgrade of the virus definition files, done quickly over your wiseless connection. The first scan will, obviously, take quite a while and users should be ready to begin it at night. The software promises to dig into the core of each file to scan it and uses battery power effectively while at it – two aspects which were confirmed by several reviewers. Still, if you do should use Nokia N97 in between and start the scan, hit the helpful’pause’ button and restart the scan whenever you have time. What is more, the software features a great real time tracking tool. NetQin is vigilant about any data that is being sent over SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, infra-red, GPRS and other network connections, and claims to find and block threats efficiently. I have tested it and it worked good. You are able to get netqin at

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